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New Revised Threshold Guidance for Berkshire West Practitioners

In 2022, the Statutory Safeguarding Partners have reviewed and updated the threshold guidance across Berkshire West. We want to ensure practitioners have access to guidance that is clear, gives key information about how, when and why to consider the risks within a family, the level of need for the child, when single organisations should be able to provide the most appropriate support and when a multi-agency approach should be considered.

The Berkshire West Safeguarding Children Partnership want to support practitioners that work across our three areas, to provide guidance that is aligned and has the same look and feel, but recognises that each area retains their key differences in provision and referral routes.

Please note – the documents are not identical, and you should still refer to the version for the locality that the child resides in. However, you will find the information you need in the same place in each document and the risk factors and protective factors are identical.

Please share the links to the guidance, across your service/organisation to ensure that all practitioners working with children, young people and their families have:

  • Familiarised themselves with the local threshold criteria, including risk and safety factors
  • Used the guidance to identify the level of need for a child, ensuring they have access to appropriate, proportionate and timely  support across multi-agencies according to their specific circumstances
  • Understood the entry points to refer across the range and scale of services offered to meet children’s needs
  • Links to the Threshold Guidance, referral process and any relevant information/procedures

Links to local guidance:

West Berkshire

Below is a Threshold ‘7 minute’ Briefing as a quick reference/link to the guidance:

Threshold Guidance - 7 minute briefing


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