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What to do if you are worried about a child

Water and Window Safety

Water Safety

It's really important that children, from a young age, should be taught the dangers they may encounter around water. Not only in their home such as paddling pools and ponds, but also when out and about, such as at the swimming pool, near rivers, canals and the sea.

Please see the following link to resources as part of the Water Safety Campaign - Water Safety Messages - Key Resources - PPP (publicprotectionpartnership.org.uk)  including a selection of powerful videos as follows: 

  • Tom Dean, double Olympic gold medalist swimmer, sharing an important water safety message
  • Float to Live – a TikTok video made by young people
  • Slough Borough Council – a water safety video message following the tragic death of a local 20 year old who died from cold water shock

This short video highlights the risks of leaving babies and infants unsupervised near water or open windows, particularly when parents and carers get distracted.  Water Safety Link: Water Safety

Window Safety

  • Always supervise young children, and keep windows locked when children are near.
  • If opening a window, make sure a child can't reach it.
  • Teach your child to stay away from windows and patio doors.
  • Don't keep furniture near a window that a child could climb on.
  • A screen will not prevent a child from falling out a window

Window safety video link: Window Safety for Children


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