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What to do if you are worried about a child

Are you thinking of running away?

You may think living on the streets is easy but it is very hard. It is dangerous and scary and you will be cold and hungry.

The kind of problems you could face are:

  • Having nothing to eat or drink.
  • Having nowhere safe to sleep.
  • Not having any money.
  • Having your possessions stolen or being attacked.
  • Not being to keep clean or change your clothes.
  • Becoming ill or injured.
  • Placing yourself at risk of abuse
  • Placing yourself at risk of being sexually exploited

What should I do if I feel like running away?

You might feel like running away is the only option, but it is never the answer.

It can help to talk to someone about how you are feeling.

Someone will be able to help you.

You could talk to someone you trust, a parent, brother or sister, another relative, a friend, a care worker or a teacher.

You can also talk to ChildLine. Visit the ChildLine website or contact them on 0800 1111.

Why might you run away?

There are different reasons you might want to run away:

  • Violence at home Arguments with your family
  • Pregnancy
  • Forced marriage
  • Problems at school
  • Running away from care
  • Problems with drugs and alcohol

Advice and information about running away and homelessness can be found at the ChildLine website.

If you need help and advice, you can call ChildLine: 0800 1111


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